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Kenya Rainwater Association

When communities and ecosystems teeter on the brink, every drop becomes a lifeline. Join us in extending these lifelines of hope and resilience through our mission to combat the water crisis in Kenya.
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Helping Vulnerable Communities Harvest Rainwater, Seed Hope & Build Resilience.

At Kenya Rainwater association, our mission is clear: To provide the necessary support to vulnerable communities in Kenya. We believe that every drop of clean water is a lifeline, a vital thread of survival in the face of the water crisis. Through our focus on rainwater harvesting, we are weaving this lifelines, one drop at a time, to secure a better future for those that need it the most.

Water scarcity
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Together, we must transform our perspective on water resources and take the initiative in harnessing rainwater through water harvesting. It's time for us to lead the charge toward a sustainable water future


We organize and execute inclusive projects for Vulnerable & At Risk Communities

In the tapestry of Kenya’s rural communities, the threads of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene weave a narrative of transformation, and at the helm of this narrative stands the Kenya Rainwater …….

In the undulating landscapes of Kenya, where the sun’s embrace can turn fertile soil into arid expanses, the Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) is rewriting the story of agriculture. In the battle against persistent droughts

In the heart of Kenya, where persistent droughts once cast shadows over communities, a beacon of hope has emerged – the Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA). Since its inception in 1994…..

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