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Kenya Rainwater Association: Where Every Drop Empowers Change

Imagine a world where drought doesn’t dictate the narrative. Where parched landscapes bloom with life, children laugh with full bellies, and health blossoms alongside communities. This isn’t a mere dream; it’s the reality Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) is building, drop by drop, across four pillars that empower change:


We believe knowledge is the first step to transformation. Through engaging workshops and interactive programs, we equip communities with the skills to build and maintain their own rainwater harvesting systems. Imagine mothers turning into engineers, building tanks not just for water, but for a brighter future. We educate on hygiene, sanitation, and sustainable practices, nurturing seeds of resilience that bloom into generations of empowered changemakers.

Health care

Water scarcity isn’t just about dry taps; it’s a breeding ground for illness. KRA tackles this head-on, providing communities with clean water access that translates to improved health outcomes. We implement innovative rainwater purification systems, promote hygiene practices, and work with local health providers to bring holistic wellness to families. When water flows freely, so does the potential for healthy, thriving communities.


Silence fuels drought’s narrative. KRA breaks that silence, raising awareness about the water crisis through impactful campaigns and grassroots initiatives. We engage with governments, schools, and media, amplifying the voices of those on the frontline. Our aim? To spark a global conversation, ignite action, and turn whispers of need into roars of demand for change.

We believe leadership isn’t about wielding power, but about empowering others. KRA shares its expertise and proven models with organizations across Africa, creating a network of changemakers that spans borders. We mentor, collaborate, and inspire, ensuring the fight for water security transcends geography and unites us in a common goal.

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